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27 septembre 1971 (30 years)

Work Experience
Languages and Informatics


Currently working at the Hôpital Privé d'Antony
MEXX France SA


Hôpital Privé d'Antony ; 2ème hôpital privé sous OQN. 650 employés, 250 praticiens. 50 M€ ce chiffre d'affaire.

Contrôleur de gestion , placé sous l'autorité du Président et du Directeur Financier ;
Mission: Au sein d'un établissement hospitalier inauguré en mai 2003, mesure de la qualité, harmonisation des processus, mise en place d'indicateurs d'activité, proposition d'axes d'amélioration.


Mars 1998 - Novembre 2001

MEXX FRANCE S.A. (Paris Area) ; Wholesaler in textile industry. Business Unit of French, Spanish, Middle East and Eastern Europe countries sales, 42 MEUR turnover, 25 employees excluding sales force.

Financial Controller, placed under the authority of the C.F.O: support the C.F.O in his functions, elaborate the reporting according to Mexx Group procedures (purchased by Liz Claiborne Inc. may 2001), manage the cash flows, follow the planning process and perform internal audits.

Strengthening of the reliability of the accounting system:
elaborating and maintaining procedures on approval of incoming and outgoing invoices, improving the accounting data processing via formal booking procedures and integration of auditors recommendations, continuous producing of reconciliation statements for main profit & loss and balance sheet accounts, training on the use of the accounting software.

Decentralizing of the planning responsibility from the finance department to the heads of functional departments in agreement with the management:
insuring consistency, permanence and comparison between forecast and actual data and regular communication of outstanding budget balances; constitution of a set of management reports including the analysis of sales volume and margins per region, product and distribution channel in addition to a cost circumstancial analysis consequently to the implementation of new dynamic reporting tools.

Rationalizing of the cash management and improving of the banking relationship :
centralization of retail receipts, set up of electronic banking communication, formal communication of administrative and legal information.



Mars 1996 - Août 1997

COGEMA, Inc. (Washington, D.C.) ; Bridgehead of COGEMA group in the United States; promotes commercial interests in the nuclear fuel cycle services of the Group, especially in the enrichment and engineering. 20 employees, 150 MUSD turnover.

Serving on Voluntary Service Overseas (foreign affairs minister) placed under the administrative authority of the C.F.O of COGEMA, Inc.

Responsible for the financial reporting to France: Reporting of 3 American companies using US GAAP (bridgehead, mining corporation and natural uranium trading) to the Mother Company according to French general accepted accounting principles 1982 and in the respect of the CEA Industries Group accounting procedures on monthly, budget and statutory deadlines.

In response to the internal move of the account manager involvement in the production of local financial statements
(mediation with auditors, local consolidation, bookkeeping) and in the financial organization (operational transfer to the subsidiary of its accounting, formalizing analytical accounting in respect of the DOE (Department Of Energy) public offers requirements, interviews to hire my successor).


and internships...

B.B.S.P. (Bull or Bear your Portfolio Security); 2 months 1/2
Legal and fiscal study of the set-up of a subsidiary in Switzerland

July-August 1992
GEFIP (Gestion Financière Privée); 2 months
Valuation of investment strategies in the american stock market

April 1992
Oracle France; 1 month
Phoning for the promotion of BAFI software (legal reporting to "Banque de France"); customer prospection.

July/August 1990
I.F.A.G. (Institut Français d'Audit et de Gestion); 1 month 1/2
Programming for realization of balance sheet and profit & loss statement, audit missions (circularization), specific accounting tasks

July/August 1989
(Banque Scandinave Tuffier); 1 month 1/2
Assistant accountant



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